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Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Last week Yana Handbags & Office Tramp Jewelry celebrated its "Muse Collection' at The Garment Room in New York City.

Both designers crafted a collection that creates the perfect balance between fantasy and reality by encapsulating a unique personality through each bag. The Muse Collection features a combination of uber-chic clutches and luxe waist bags using a fusion of fringes, chains, and vintage inspired roses that can be detached and used as brooches, bracelets, or necklaces. All embellishments are made with18k rose gold, yellow gold, or gunmetal accents. In addition to the creative direction, both designers wanted a collection that was equally environmentally conscious. The handbags are made from organic cotton, soy foam quilting, and vegetable tie-dyed. These urbane, progressive pieces can be worn to gussy up an everyday outfit as well as to soften a power suit.

(models and designers)

Ayana Evans founded YANA Handbags in her Brooklyn, NY kitchen, combining her education in Visual Arts and her love of fashion.

Congrats to my lil sis, Cash for putting on such a great event!

For more information on Yana Handbags visit

20 comments on "I'm amused"
  1. Great pictures!

  2. The bags look great. I admire artsy people!

  3. @ Jonesy: Hey! Thanks for reading my posts. And thanks for following!! I follow your blog...and I love it. I just read the post about the Yana Handbags. Gorgeous bags too! I love your blog. It makes me miss NY very very much..

    *the pudding is definitely fave is tapioca

  4. thank you so much for stopping by! you must be so proud of your sister:D

  5. wow i love these bags! looks like an awesome event:)

  6. Such great photos, seemed like a great time!

  7. I will def have to check out the designer and looks like it was a brilliant event!!

    lovely, as always :)
    Cheers, Jesa

  8. this event looks so much fun! i'm in love with the white handbags! great blog xx

  9. I like the photographs!
    thanks for your comment on my blog =]

  10. It looked like a great event!!
    The pics are wonderful :)


  11. gorgeous models and glam bags =)

  12. girll those handbags are love <3

    thanx for checkin out my blog, I am following you :D

  13. Those handbags are just too sexy! for some reason i can't follow anyone atm cuz loadsa websites are blocked on my network but as soon as it works this blog is being FOLLOWED lol x

  14. Tres Chic! The handbags aren't my style, BUT I think its awesome that they are environmentally friendly and I really dig the detachable roses!


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