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Cupcake Fight

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Last night I was invited to my friends fight night party, Mayweather vs Mosley.
I know absolutely nothing about boxing. Don't get me wrong ... I do enjoy sports. I watch a lot of basketball (go Celtics!) and football (go Patriots!) but never got into boxing just yet. Always had an interest in it but don't know much. Anyway, my friend and roommate requested that everyone bring one dish with them. I was talking to my friend Shannon (she designed my header, please see the link to her company site on the right hand side bar) and this is how our conversation went.

Shannon: "What's on your agenda today in NY?"

Jonesy: "Fight Party! in Harlem"

Shannon: "Oooo I'm going to one too. Where in Harlem? Apt, bar ..."

Jonesy: "Apartment"

Shannon: "Dude or chick?"

Jonesy: "Dude"

Shannon: "Dude fight parties are the best"

Jonesy: "I'm bringing cupcakes"

Shannon: "You're such a girl. Cupcakes?"

Jonesy: "hahaha"

Shannon: "To a fight"

Jonesy: "3 dudes throwing the party in the apartment and they're all excited about these cupcakes"

Shannon: "lol, you're a girl with cupcakes, that sounds like a dream probably for them"

Jonesy: "lol"

Shannon: "lovely"

The cupcakes were a hit. Too bad they went so quickly I didn't get to try one. Maybe next time!

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?

These photos were taken with my new camera, I love it!
19 comments on "Cupcake Fight"
  1. wow!!! cupcake! there isn't so much in italy...uff!!

    if you want today the italian fashion bloggers create an event called "Music&Film". i partecipate to it and this is my contribution:
    at the end of the post there are the like of the blog of the other partecipants
    bye!! :)

  2. Those look delicious. No wonder they were such a hit. I love red velvet cupcakes and vanilla with cream cheese frosting.

  3. red velvet with cream cheese icing!

  4. Cupcakes look sooo yummy!

  5. Oh they look delicious :)

  6. hi Jonesy!!! those cupcakes look delish!!! anyhoo... thanks for stoppin by my blog... you mentioned on your comment that you were following me.. but u are not showing up on my followers... just curious why it's like that... LOL... you have an awesome blog here as well... I'm your newest follower! thanks for the love!!!

  7. the ones with the cherries are adorable!! my favorite kind are mini vanilla with vanilla or strawberry frosting.

  8. These look sooOOooo good and it's only 10am here, no cupcakes!! no no no!!! ♥

  9. Oh woooww! Those cupcakes look sinfully delish!! Can't wait to eat one red velvet cupcake or a regular vanilla cream one! Those are my favourites! You have a lovely blog your self! Although I can't see you on my followers list yet(I'm pretty excited cause I'm reaching my 100! :)) I take it that you will be following anyhow! I shall surely reciprocate since your blog is sooo cute! :)

    Hope you had fun in the party! :)

  10. nom nom nom nom nom. hehehe. from your bunch I would have to say my favorite is the cookies and cream!!!

  11. Mmm those cupcakes look delicious!

  12. hahaha! cupcakes are always a hit with the guys! they can't resist! Look delicious xxx

  13. You did an awesome job on the cupcakes. I like vanilla (plain jane!)

  14. Hahaha, that's so funny! (; and those cupcakes look goood (:

    Well, thank you for following!! Likeee your blog and I'll be following you, too! I'll be coming back to read up a little more later.

    ♥ Erika

  15. so tell me about this dude, Jonesy....lemmie stop being nosey lol. but shannon was right, you're a girl bringing cupcakes=guy's dream, regardless of their intentions. i have to say my favorite cupcake is simple. vanilla cupcake with coconut cream cheese frosting. now i want one, mmmm


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