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Late for lunch

Monday, May 31, 2010

H&M dress and bag

When I finally arrived, I ordered a BLT w/ Cheddar from the Black Dog Bakery on Martha's Vineyard. This sandwich was delicious and I loved the crispy french fries. The perfect lunch on such a beautiful afternoon on the island.
Next up ... time for the beach!

(BLT w/ Cheddar Cheese and Crispy French Fries)

(Golden Fried Fish n' Chips)

The Perfect Getaway

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Tomorrow I'm headed to my family vacation house on Martha's Vineyard for Memorial Day weekend. Deciding on what to bring for a long weekend is always tricky, I tend to over pack. Here is what I have decided to bring for my perfect getaway.

A dress. I absolutely love a cute dress. I'm a sucker for color, patterns, multiple layers, and spaghetti traps (not all in one dress of course, ha ha ha). I packed a few of my favorite ones for the Vineyard. My top places to find a cute dress this Summer: H&M, Zara and Asos.

Boyfriend shorts. Enough said. Comfy, cute, and easy to pair up with anything. I like paring mine with my razor back Zara tank. Rock yours with gator sandals, flip flops, or even a pair of heels.

Harem Pants, so... I once said I'd never try this trend. I thought these pants would look absolutely weird on me. I found a really cute black hair in H&M recently and decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, they looked super cute. Trendy, fun, and again comfortable, I love my new discovery. Moral of the story: don't be afraid to try something you may be scared of, or out of your comfort zone because you may end up loving it.

Backpack, I love my backpack with all of its cool pockets and space. When I go away for short weekend, I don't need a suitcase. I hate lugging around a shoulder bag because it becomes too heavy and I tend to stuff my bag with a ton of things. I love my backpack because it's easy to carry, has a lot of space to store different things and it's not super big, just the right size. For a cute trendy backpack check out this collection from Urban Outfitters.

Garrett Gourmet Popcorn, for Nana & Papa (my grandparents). I know they will love this delicious treat. When I go away with my family, I love bringing them a special gift from NYC they've never had before. I think this delicious popcorn from Garrett's is the perfect kind of gift. I picked up 2 bags: Pecan Caramel Crisp & Cashew Caramel Crisp. Delicious!

In order to get there I have to take 1 subway, 2 buses and a ferry. It's going to be a long ride. What's on my ipod?

Put a ring on it ...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
(modeling a ring from the LuShae Jewelry Line)

What a nice treat in the mail when I received this beautiful ring by the LuShae Jewlery line. White Gold Rhodium bonded 2 touching hearts promise ring, with 2 Pave Cubic Zirconia Hearts Conjoined in the Center in Silvertone. Two Touching hearts promise ring was constructed using tender love and care. 2 hearts form the middle piece and two outside hearts are set in silver tone. White Gold Rhodium Bond is achieved using an electroplating process that coats the item with heavy layers of rhodium, a close cousin of platinum that costs three times as much, which gives the jewelry a platinum luster.

I was very impressed when it arrived. Not only did it come in a nice jewelery box but it was beautifully designed. I recently wore it to a lounge with interesting lighting, and the ring 'blinged' in the light and looked gorg on my finger! It's a standout for sure. I recently sat down with it's Jewelery designer, Sarah, to ask her a few questions about the line and her story.

1. Why did you start designing? How long have you been doing it? Do you have any formal training? (classes, degree, or just a natural creative mindset)

Two completely unrelated degrees.. I have a background in IT believe it or not : ) This business satisfies my creative desires and utilizes the skills I've aquired in my previous work.. I also love the freedom being my own boss permits me, have never once found it a challenge to stay motivated.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I'd love to be able to devote more time to the creative and design aspects of my business, less on the operational... I definitely see myself still doing this, I'm working on branding so hopefully that will have some serious momentum by that stage.

3. Do you have any advice for someone who also wants to become a designer?

Feed your eyes and passion as much as you possibly can.. Get outside your comfort zone, work with other mediums, artists and view as diverse a spectrum of art and design as you possibly can. This in my opinion is how you develop and refine your own signature..

4. Were do you come up with your ideas?

I think it's related to the above but where any particular design originates I have no idea.. I do know that the ones I have to 'think and create' with effort I never end up liking. When the designs flow naturally they nearly always become favorites. I just wish I could tap into this flow more often..

5. Why type of jewelry do you enjoy wearing?

I'm really into reading and learning about Victorian era jewelry at the moment so the pieces I'm wearing are vintage and I'd imagine the range will be expanding to include more of these styles.

6. Any advice for cleaning and maintaining jewelry? and products you recommend?

On my websites menu there is a jewelry guides section with a tonne of resources devoted to these type of things. Click here

7. What makes your work different from others?

Others would describe me as unrealistic, a dreamer with lofty ambitions.. I need to think big, hate the idea of limitations and find possibility so exciting.. I work for my dreams everyday, I get to work towards a really exciting tomorrow and because of this I never ever have a problem staying motivated or doing the crazy things required to realize a dream.

To make purchases or get more information on her line please click here

Special thanks to Sarah for such a beautiful piece and opportunity to interview her and learn more about her company.


Summer Hair Challenge

Sunday, May 23, 2010
When I was a younger and up until High School/College I had long hair. Some people (like my mother) consider my hair now still long but I don't. I've been having a fighting battle with my hair for a while now, something just still isn't like it was and I'm trying to get it back. I've had some bumps in the road and here is where I am today.

Check out my Hairstory (Hair + History)

1. childhood

2. an excellent hair year - 2008

3. then I get highlights. Highlights looking great at first ....

4. and then the worst ... breakage

5. pissed but time to start the recovery....

6. early March 2010... progress!

6. where I am now ....

Okay, so let me answer some questions I think you probably have or are thinking. No, I'm not wearing any clip in's (hair extentions that clip in) in any of the photos above, it's all my hair. My hair was damaged from doing highlights which is the reason why I started getting breakage. It's a bad decision to do a relaxer and highlights around the same time period. I never did it on top of each other but I think because I didn't take enough care of my hair while at home, it lead to breakage. Another big issue was STRESS. I was stressed out in 2009! super stressed. Anxiety/stress can also make your hair fall out. With the help of my stylist and some great friends/family to build up my bliss (plug) my hair has started to look like its old self again. I believe the La-Brasiliana shampoo & conditoner, alter ego garlic deep conditioner, lisa's hair exlir by Carol's Daughter has all helped to bring my hair back. Also, regular visits to the salon, a lot of trims to get rid of the coloring and damaged ends, lots of water and positive thoughts, super important! So here is where we are today. I'm still no where near where my hair use to be and that frustrates me a lot. I feel like i'm still at a stand still and my hair should at this point, be a lot longer and thicker than it is. So, now i'm enlisting the help of some Hairlista's to come up with a hair challenge for me!

The Hair Challenge

I'm a little scared but here we go ....

So I was scrolling through the web and some how came across a website called
HAIRLISTA Inc. is a Social Network designed to unite and educate Women on Healthy Hair Care Practices, Skin, Beauty and much more. Since I talk on my blog a lot about beauty products, skin care and hair, I thought this site would be interesting to check out. Little did I know it would change my whole outlook on my hair. Up until now, I thought i was doing pretty well with my hair. Remember that hair post i did where i discussed how I take care of my hair? Turns out I could be doing A LOT more to make sure that my hair is healthy, growing, and not costing me so much money.

Now, instead of going to the salon every 2-3 weeks (which usually costs between $35-50 dollars) I'll be taking care of my own hair at home regularly. I'll have more control over it's development and will be able to try new products. Starting out will cost me because I have to purchase all of the products and tools, but in the end I'll save a lot more money than going to the salon all of the time. In an upcoming beauty post I'll share what my new hair regimen (schedule) and also a Q&A with one of the members who helped to inspire me to start this journey.


- Always Deep condition after every wash followed by a leave-in conditioner
- Air dry the hair 99% of the time (not towel dry)
- Moisturize and seal the hair daily
- Wear low manipulation or protective styles (braidouts and buns)
- No heat until I've been in the challenge for over 2 months to give my hair a "rest" (heat can be used on special occasions i.e. birthdays, christmas, new years etc.)
- Always tie my hair up at night with a silk/satin scarf
- Stretch my relaxers at least 10months. I'm currently at 6 months.
- Trim/dust the hair when needed
- Protein treatment when needed
- Take a multivitamin so that it will benefit your overall health (body & hair).

- Softer manageable hair
- Improved health
- Increased hair growth
- Stronger, thicker hair

Here comes the bride!

Saturday, May 22, 2010
I mentioned before on a previous post that my friend Danielle is getting married in October. I'm very happy for her and her fiance Chris. I am so excited for the wedding, get your tissue boxes ready. Over the weekend we had a bridesmaid brunch to discuss the dress and things that Danielle needs help with. I can't post pictures of the bridesmaid dress just in case Chris happens to read my blog, hahaha but ... I can share photos from the brunch. We enjoyed a lovely brunch @HK lounge in New York City. After I gobbled up my delicious waffle with fresh fruit, it hit me that ... I didn't take any photos of the food *sigh* oh well, next time.

Here is what we need advice on:

1. The bride has short hair, any ideas on short hair styles for the wedding day?

2. Church decorations. We're going to have to pitch together to decorate the church. Any suggestions on what to do as far as decorations?

3. The first dance song. We have all offered up some suggestions but what would be (or what was) your first dance song?

Feel free to comment below or email me photos/advice at
look forward to hearing from you, thanks for your help! xoxo

Why Brunch? Brunch is great! It's the best of both worlds, breakfast and lunch. Some restaurants that offer brunch have unlimited mimosas, belini's and bloody mary's. It's the perfect way to end a great weekend, if you plan them for Sundays.


  • 1 pound frozen peaches, sliced and thawed
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 bottle champagne


In saucepan, over medium heat, combine the peaches, sugar, and water. Bring the liquid to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium low and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and cool. In a blender, puree the mixture until smooth. Add a enough water to thin the puree out into a peach juice. Pour into a shallow dish and freeze until firm. Remove the peach mixture from the freezer and allow to sit out for 10 minutes. Using a large spoon, scrape the mixture back and forth to form a slushy mixture. Fill each flute glass 2/3 of the way with Champagne. Add the slushy peach mixture and serve.

I'm amused

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Last week Yana Handbags & Office Tramp Jewelry celebrated its "Muse Collection' at The Garment Room in New York City.

Both designers crafted a collection that creates the perfect balance between fantasy and reality by encapsulating a unique personality through each bag. The Muse Collection features a combination of uber-chic clutches and luxe waist bags using a fusion of fringes, chains, and vintage inspired roses that can be detached and used as brooches, bracelets, or necklaces. All embellishments are made with18k rose gold, yellow gold, or gunmetal accents. In addition to the creative direction, both designers wanted a collection that was equally environmentally conscious. The handbags are made from organic cotton, soy foam quilting, and vegetable tie-dyed. These urbane, progressive pieces can be worn to gussy up an everyday outfit as well as to soften a power suit.

(models and designers)

Ayana Evans founded YANA Handbags in her Brooklyn, NY kitchen, combining her education in Visual Arts and her love of fashion.

Congrats to my lil sis, Cash for putting on such a great event!

For more information on Yana Handbags visit

Jonesy is back!

Sunday, May 16, 2010
After reading this post, please take a moment to answer the poll on the top right hand side of this web page. Your response is appreciated, thank you!

I'm back from my vacation. It feels like I've been away forever, well ... maybe it feels like forever in blogger land. As a blogger I'm sure you know how important it is to keep updating your blog as well as keeping up with your fellow bloggers. I look forward to catching up with you all. So you want the scoop on my trip? It was ... AMAZING! I created a video (see below) to highlight some of the outfits, views, entertainment and food I enjoyed from my trip. Mom and I had a great time and we're looking forward to going there again! If you have questions feel free to comment below.

favcation (favorite vacation ever) summary video below ... check it out, enjoy!

Review Time:

Aquaventure - Atlantis' 141 acre waterscape with pools, thrilling waterslides (both body and tube) and white sandy beaches. There is a lazy river and a river rapid ride. I didn't try the waterslide (because i'm terrified of heights and a chicken) BUT I did try the river rapid ride lots of times. I love it. It was amazing! On this ride you'll find the old, and the young enjoying this ride and having a good time. I lost my mom a few times riding down the rapids but the life guards were helpful in letting me know that she was down the river and doing okay : ) I highly recommend enjoying these rides when you come to the resort. During your adventure down one of the slides, you'll ride through a tunnel and see sharks (yes, real sharks!). Pretty cool huh? check out these photos and look closely.

The Royal Towers - This is where we stayed. The room was beautiful. nice and big w/ a balcony that looked over Aquaventure and also had a beach view. The two king beds were comfy! Plenty of drawers and closet room to house all of my clothes ( because I over packed of course).

Dolphin Cay- As I mentioned before, the resort is offering a great deal right now. Free companion air, 4th night free, and over $650 worth of free activities. Dolphin interactions at Dolphin Cay is a MUST if you decide to go. We enjoyed this free activity. Mom and I took the free shuttle (which takes you all over the's way too large to walk around on your own) to Dolphin Cay. Not only do you receive a great educational lecture on Dolphins and also information on the trainers at Dolphin Cay, you get to experience them up close and personal. You touch, hug and even kiss the Dolphin! They also offer a sea lion interaction program as well.

The Dig- A maze of underground passageways and tunnels. Atlantis is home to the largest open marine habitat. We had lot of fun exploring and viewing the various sea creatures. Fish, sharks, starfish, jelly fish, turtles and more. We saw it all!

The Food - Can you say buffet? P90X what? My diet went out the window. I snacked on everything from nachos to cookies on my vacation. I enjoyed pizza at the marina, pasta at Carmine's, salmon from Seafire Steakhouse, and ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. My favorite was the breakfast! Made to order omelets and fluffy chocolate chip pancakes. Exhale! You won't go hungry at the resort that's for sure. They have everything from Chinese to Italian to American. I even enjoyed grabbing a milkshake and sandwich from Johnny Rockets. Everything you need is right at your footsteps. Sometimes when you go on vacation, you're wandering around the local area trying to find decent food, but at The Atlantis they provide you with so many options it's difficult to choose where you'll eat next. So many choices and so little time. They offer a meal plan as well for those who are interested in buying one.

(Johnny Rockets)


(Flay's Restaurant - Mesa Grill)

The Pools and Beaches - I hate over crowded beaches and pools but at The Atlantis they have so many choices, sometimes you have an entire pool to yourself. Seriously! My mom and I would leave around 10AM and hang out in the pool for hours before other people started showing up. We attempted to try out every pool there but it's almost impossible, they have so many! I love the beach and the beautiful blue water as well. They have lots of beach and pool side places to purchase delicious drinks and yummy food like nachos, salads and sandwiches.

Other cool things to know - they have a straw market off island and for just $4 dollars you can get over there by boat or taxi and see local things. They have an area called the 'Fish Fry' where local restaurant vendors sell cheap local food. The resort has a free movie theater for guests, and while we were there they showed 'Avatar', 'It's Complicated', 'Leap Year' 'The Blind Side" and many more current movies.

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