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Thursday, April 1, 2010
a few things that bring me bliss right now ...

1. P90X ... if you read my blog then you know I do the work out. I just did Kenpo. It's basically boxing/kickboxing. It's amazing! You feel every part of your body changing by the workouts in less than 2 weeks. (to sum it up real quick, the program is 12 DVDs and you do 1 dvd about 5 times a week and rotate them in a specific order. I've been doing this workout for almost a year now so I came up w/ my own plan and do the DVDs I love the most... such as Kenpo)
P90X is great because it always hits those problem areas I always had difficult figuring out how to tame. When I do P90X I feel stronger, lighter, and tighter. I also feel like I could kick butt after learning some Kenpo moves. The program can be a pit pricey but it's a great investment! especially if you don't feel like paying a gym membership and want similar results.

2. 'Mars vs Venus' a song on Usher's new album 'Raymond v Raymond.' Okay sooo obsessed doesn't describe how crazy I am about this song. I seriously play it over and over (just ask my boss). Not sure if it's the words, the arrangement or maybe just the song as a whole that has me glowing when i hear it, great beautiful love song. I love it!
(I also recommend 'Here I Am' a song on Monica's new album)

3. Intervene 2-in-1 daily cleanser exfoliator primer. I got this as a gift and I absolutely love it!
I don't think I would have ever thought to buy this product. Well, I've never really heard about it before.
When I got it as a gift I decided to give it a try ... immediately I was AMAZED! I can't describe
how clean, clear and smooth my face feels. I was raving about this product so much, my friend (and neighbor) decided to test it out last night. Today she wrote me an email at work and it said "GIRL!......... WHAT WAS THAT STUFF I USED LAST NIGHT CALLED!??? I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN" lol my friend is really funny but I know exactly how she feels. I noticed a big difference when I work up the next morning. Click Here to check out more info on this product.
(in addition to this I also recommend the Radiance Boosting Moisture Cream SPF 15 by that line as well)

4. It's APRIL 1st!!!! April is a great month. It means nice weather on the way (or so we hope in NY)
cute spring clothes, and MY BIRTHDAY! I'm excited about that. Also, in May/June i spend time at my vacation house on Martha's Vineyard. We close the house up in the Winter and re-open it in the Spring so I'm very excited to be back in my second home.

5. This article! click here i worked with Steve (who is mentioned in this article) we were NBC Pages together and it's so great to see the success he's having in his career. When you're a Page you are eager and excited to make your mark somewhere in this crazy industry ... we all want to do big things some day! I'm happy that it's happening for Steve. He's hardworking and an overall great guy.

7. This salon! Click here I tried a new salon last Saturday and my hair is ooooooo so amazing (if I say so myself). Voted 'Best Dominican Salon' in the U.S by Latina Magazine, this salon really does a great job. If you live in the New York area, you may want to try it. At least it and read the wonderful reviews. I highly recommend trying it out.

8. Diet Snapple singles to go! mmm so good! Easy to make. Drop in a bottle of water and shake it up, you are good to go. Low calorie drink mix. 5 calories per serving.

9. Last but not least ... tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love Friday. Who doesn't? Well, maybe people who work on Saturday. Anyway, I am going to a comedy show tomorrow night. Super excited. I love comedy and after this stress filled work week, I need a few good laughs in my life.

I hope that you all had a fab week and a wonderful weekend!



20 comments on "Ya Heard?"
  1. I've seriously been considering p90x. Everyone I know who has used it, has had amazing results. Seriously considering making the investment.

  2. Lol, cool post :)
    I'm glad tomorrows Friday too

  3. it seems like everyone i know is doing p90x i just don't think i have what it takes to make it work.

    i think the fact that tomorrow is friday is blissful as well.

  4. Nice post! p9ox sounds pretty good.... i'll keep that in mind. been thinking about starting exercising again, i'm gettin a bit rusty! :D

  5. lol , hi! thanks for the comment and the follow, it was really sweet and really appreciated it :) Im now a "bliss seeker"! Not because i feel obligated, but because your blog is great! glad i ve seen it :) and what is this p9ox that ive never heard of?! Im constantly trying to switch up my work outs at home and its difficult to find ones that you like and that actually work. checking it out right now ...:D

  6. i realy enjoyed reading this post, gald you are in blissity at the moment that is amazing:)
    beautiful photo girl

  7. i have a like 4 different p90x videos on my computer lol i use them when im not dancing :]

  8. you look great in this pic!!! so pretty!


  9. you have a great smile! and loving the earring! : )

  10. cute earrings! I am so checking this p90x thing out.

  11. Haha, such a fun post. I really like your list. Finding the perfect workout is gorgeous. I am doind Body Pump and it really is so exhausting
    Wish you a great weekend

  12. Hello! That's such a lovely blog, with great posts! I'll definitely follow lookin for some... bliss!!!
    Lots of kisses from Greece!

  13. Beautiful picture!

    Have a great weekend xx

  14. Hello fellow New Englander... Cool blog, I like the rcommendations... looking forward to the islands this summer also.

  15. hey thanks for followin and for the comment!
    love this picture of you,so beautiful!

    followed you as well,
    you seem cool;)


  16. Hi there Jonesy :) cute blog yourself! I like the spirit and the energy ;)
    It was kinda sad to see you stop following me. Anyways, drop back whenever you like, I'm back to more frequent blogging.

  17. cute blog! love those earrings

    lovelove, M.

  18. thank you very much for following<3
    the pictures on your blog are beautiful<3

  19. u look cute :)

    Kisses from france

  20. Love those earrings, Jonesy!

    Thanks Ur lovely comment on my blog and hope U had a lovely Easter weekend, doll!

    See U soon!


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