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The Next Day... and info on my Birthday Dress

Friday, April 30, 2010
I had the best Birthday. Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday.
I am looking forward to this time and continuing to build up my Bliss List.

(morning of my birthday, no hair clip ins lol I just curled my own hair)

Birthday Re-Cap...

My mom got me this AMAZING camera (with a tripod). She knows that I've been working hard on the-bliss list site, and that I want to add a lot more photos with better quality (than my Macbook). She got me this superstar camera! It's a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX1. Click here to check out the preview of it. It seems amazing. I've been around the apartment today playing with it and checking it out. I can't wait to test it this weekend. I hope to use this camera to make this site better than ever!!!

That's not my only Birthday gift... I also scored a vacation! Not only did my mom surprise me with this camera but she also told me that we're going on a vacation together very soon! I can't wait. I'll be putting away the laptop and flying to the Bahamas. Although, I'll miss blogging that week, I'll be back with some amazing photos for you all to check out. I also can't wait to pig out. Although I am a big P90X and healthy eating nut, I am a firm believer that when you go on vacation, you can toss that all out of the window. Mmmm Nachos! It's one of my favorite things to eat when I vacation. What do you enjoy pigging out on? The Atlantis Resort has a great deal going on right now so if you're interested in taking a vacation, you should check out the site here.

Here are some more photos from the Birthday Week

Birthday @ Tony Di Napoli
(shrimp in red sauce)
(amazing chicken with mushrooms and asparagus)
(family style)
(my bestie lexi eating a cherry)
the waitress with my birthday dessert : )

On my Birthday I got an email about a possible opportunity for The Bliss List. A great giveaway for one my readers. I really hope to secure this because I am so excited for you all to hear about it. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned and make sure you follow the site.

Ok so now to discuss .... THE DRESS! Everyone has been wondering where I got my Birthday Dress. Well, I got it from one of my FAVORITE websites I wear A LOT of and pretty much have been keeping this site a secret for a while. How many times have you seen your H&M outfit on another girl riding the subway with you? I know I have a few times. Anyway, I was excited to find ASOS a while back because I just knew no one would have what I have : ) but I am happy to share my inside shopping site with you all because every girl deserves to look fab especially on their birthday. Make sure you check out the site, it's based in the UK but the shipping charges for clothes to the U.S are affordable (at least it is to me). Happy Shopping!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


thanks to everyone who follows my blog and comments, best birthday gift.

Have a great day.

(baby Jonesy)



Birthday Weekend Kick Off

Monday, April 26, 2010
So sorry I've been missing in action lately. I've been really busy with work, life in general and my Birthday weekend. Here are some photos for you to check out. I had a blast. My real Birthday is April 29th and I can't wait to celebrate. I'll be updating a lot more starting next week.


Lori Lori and I

My friend and makeup artist, Kim Porter,
if you live in the NY/NJ area and want your makeup done click here

Today is my dad's Birthday, he passed away in 2005. Happy Birthday Dad!

It's about that time ...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's the time of year I always hate... organizing my closet for new weather. It's time to say "buh-bye" to your turtle necks, chunky sweaters, winter jackets and wool hats. Time to break out the short shorts, tanks, sun dresses and flip flops. I need an entire weekend for this transition. I turn on my ipod, pack up everything and store it in my hall closet. I take out the new Spring/Summer clothes and organize them into the main closet.

Here are a few tips!

1. Don't try this in one day. I hate seeing a mess especially in my apartment so seeing clothes all over urks me, but I also will get too overwhelmed if I try to do this all in one day. Pace yourself. Do some on Saturday and more on Sunday.

2. Take the opportunity to really evaluate your clothes. Ask yourself ... "will i really wear this shirt next winter?" if the answer is no, then set it aside. Make a pile that can you can donate to a shelter or good will store. I have stuff with tags on it that i've seen every year, I have to start telling myself at a certain point "you are never going to wear this dress, get rid of it."

3. Check out The Container Store. They are having a Spring organization sale right now.
My favorite item are the shoe boxes at $1.49 a piece these boxes help organize your shoes perfectly. Each shoe gets its own box. This is perfect for me because I'm always throwing shoes in my closet and losing them in a mountain of other shoes.

4. Make sure you keep your closet smelling wonderful by using products like Damp Rid
or try the Bubble Bee Scentportable's by Bath and Body Works. Spread high-quality scents into all the spaces of your life, without a plug, battery or flame. The built-in clip base allows SCENTPORTABLE to hang, sit or rest on virtually any surface. You can sit this on top of a closet shelf and it will leave your closet smelling like heaven.

5. Figure out while cleaning if you are missing any "must have" items for this Spring/Summer. If you seem to have enough pairs of jean shorts, don't bother buying anymore this year - you are most likely good to go. Focus on buying something else that can add on to your wardrobe, something different. Some must have items this Spring/Summer are: Jumpers/Playsuits, check out these cute ones by The one I am wearing in the photo below is also from ASOS.

Also in this Spring/Summer are patterned and Printed Pants and Dresses. Have you checked out H&M's Garden Collection? It's fantastic. I especially love a few of the dresses.

New Favorite Songs To Clean To
(click song title to listen)

1. "Winner" Jamie Foxx Feat. Justin Timberake & T.I
2. "Sponsor" Teairra Marie Feat. Solider boy
3. "OMG" Usher Feat Will.I.AM
4. "Hold Yuh"Gyptian
5. "Un-thinkable" Alicia Keys
6. "Here I Am" Monica
7. "Love King" The Dream
8. "Imma Be" Black Eyed Peas
9. "Nothin On You" B.O.B featuring Bruno Mars
10. "All I Want Is You" Miguel feat. J Cole

Did you know cleaning is also a great way to burn calories? I burned about 815 cleaning my closest yesterday.

it could all be so simple

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I found this today and it amused me. Hope you all had a beautiful day!



All About Hair

Saturday, April 10, 2010




Growing up I've always had long/thick hair. It's a blessing and a curse. When i don't wear it straight, I always have the option of wearing it naturally curly, which is nice. I tend to wear it curly when I go on vacation so I have the freedom of swimming. Once water hits the hair, it's a wrap and here comes the curls/waves. Don't get me wrong ... it's cute but I find it difficult to style and I get bored with this look very easily. This look is cute for a day or so but eventually I start wishing it was straight again, I just love my hair straight. Some people have been wondering about the type of products I use, what my hair routine is, my hair advice .... well hopefully this Q&A helps.

1. Do you do your own hair at home or do you go to a salon? What type of salon do you go to and how often?

I only do my own hair at home when i wear it curly because I can't blow it out. I know it sounds bad but I can't. Maybe I should learn to save some money but ... honestly, I'm too lazy. I've had friends try and teach me how to roller set my own hair, or how I can buy a portable dryer, but I enjoy going to the salon and having a professional do it. While some people only go to salons when they need a trim, I go all the time. Yes, it can be a little bit pricey to go all the time, it's well worth the investment. My grandmother and mother go to the salon just as often as I do and I guess I got it from them. They must be doing something right because they both have beautiful and healthy hair.

I go about every two or three weeks. I get my hair done at a Dominican salon in New York. The salon was actually voted the best dominican salon in the U.S by Latina Magazine. I get a wash, set and blow out. Which means - I sit under the dryer with huge rollers in my hair for about an hour. After the hair is dry, they blow it straight. I do not use a flat iron after the dryer and blow out, too much heat can damage the hair. Most Dominican salons in NY will charge you $25-55 dollars for this depending on what products you get when your hair is washed and conditioned.

I've always been very serious about hair care and making sure my hair stays healthy and long. If it means that I have to save up enough money to make sure i'm using the best products and going to the best professionals then i think it's worth it. Some may not agree but ... it's my head : )

2. What products do you think help your hair to stay healthy?

I swear by the Brazilian Keratin treatment products. I've never done the treatment itself, which i heard is 2 hrs long. I only use the shampoo/conditioner products that go with the treatment. These products help support the treatment and in return help to give your hair similar benefits. This will leave your hair soft, shiny, and healthy. People always ask me what I put on my hair during the day to make it so soft and shiny and i honestly do not put anything on it. It's always that shiny, soft, and silky. I probably won't ever get the treatment itself. I honestly don't think I need it. My hair is already soft and shiny by using the shampoo/conditioner so I don't see why I need to add the treatment to it. If you want to try the treatment it's VERY important you go to a special salon that has experience doing this, and make sure you do your research and speak to clients, and do not do this at home on your own.

Many different brands are creating these products because they are becoming so popular. The shampoo and conditioner I like the best is by La-Brasiliana, the products contain collagen. Click here for more information.

In addition to using these products, I also love getting a deep condition at the salon. It basically means using a conditioner, sitting under the dryer for an extra 10-15mins, washing it out and then getting your roller set. I always notice a difference from when I get it and don't get it, so I make sure that i do. Some salons charge you extra for a deep conditioner treatment, depending on what type you get.

3. What is your night time hair routine?

I wrap my hair at night and use a silk scarf to tie it up. Wrapping your hair at night keeps it straight and also protects your hair. Sleeping on a pillow can dry out your hair. I've accidentally fallen asleep in my apartment when the temperature was really dry and woke up with frizzy hair - not a cute look. I always try to make sure I wrap my hair while I'm lounging around the apartment (see photos) and definitely before I hit the pillow.

3. What's the biggest mistake people make when selecting treatments and products?

People really need to consider genetics. Some products that may work for a friend may not be the best choice for your hair. Just because someone uses a certain product that does magic on them, doesn't mean it's going to do the same to yours. Your hair history is very important when choosing products. You want to take advice from people who have similar hair texture as yours and a similar hair history. When I decided to color my hair a few years ago ( big mistake ) I loved it at first but noticed my hair started to break, grow much slower, etc. A year before, a friend ( who actually warned me not to color my hair) had the same thing happen to her. When I needed advice on what to do to fix it, I went straight to her. Why? Because she and I have similar hair and she went through the exact same experience as I did. Moral the of the story: I should have listened when she warned me the first time, and also make sure you seek advice from people who you can relate to. I'm not saying you can't try new products or listen to advice, all I'm saying is make sure you do research before trying anything new. What works for me may not be the best choice for you.

4. What do you think about hair spray? Hair grease? oils? Etc.

I don't use hair spray, it's just a personal choice. I don't like the way it makes my hair smell or what it does to my hair. Hair grease can help with fly aways (those little hairs that stick up) and work well if you tend to have a dry scalp but I think you should use a tiny amount otherwise you will have greasy hair. I do enjoy oils, especially this one (click here) from Carol's daughter. When I read that Jada Pinkett uses Carol Daughter's products, I decided to do a little research and test it out. I don't use too much of this because it can make your hair oily, only a tiny amount once in a while.

5. How do you usually wear your hair?

I wear my hair down all the time (part on the side, swoop side bang). I don't ever wear it in a pony tail. Wearing your hair in a pony tail I learned can be really bad, especially if you use a rubber band. It's the tension it puts on your hair that's no good, the hair can stretch and the cuticle layer can become distorted. If you love wearing your hair this way because it's comfortable to you ... you may want to consider using a scrunchy (which is covered in fabric), not as cute but it's better than an elastic.

6. What are some day to night hair tricks I can try?

Asking me a question about changing up your hairstyle is bad because I tend to always have the same exact hair style. Just ask my friends since High School, it's always been ... side part/bang w/ a swoop - hahaha. To change it up slightly over the years - I've gotten highlights, I've curled it w/ a curling iron and I've even cut bangs. That's about the biggest changes I'll make.

My latest trick though are CLIP INS! I have decently long hair, it's not super long but it's long enough. When I go out sometimes for special occassions I want longer hair that I can curl and create waves, so I can feel like Beyonce ... at least for one night anyway : ) To create length I use clip ins!

Clip in hair is great because you can pop them in and out without damaging your hair. People spend a ton of money getting weaves sewed in, glued in, bonded, etc, since my hair is already long, I never wanted to invest in getting a weave and risk causing damage to my hair. If you want length and want to change up your look, clips are a great idea! You can even get different colors if you are interested in adding highlights. I only use them for a night time look, during the day I rock with my own.

Check out my video below for more information.

in Vegas w/ the clip in's

if you have more questions feel free to ask in the comment section below!



Apple Cider Vinegar: Take 1

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
So today I decided to try this Apple Cider Vinegar stuff. I heard A LOT about this on the internet, on other blogs, I mentioned it in my last video blog. I didn't get to work out today and I had a very yummy grilled cheese sandwich. I decided hmm today may be a great day to start doing this. I read that it helps break down food, build up your metabolism and is great for the skin if you take 3 shots of it a day (seems like a bit much), you can also put some on your salad. It smells disgusting but how well did I handle it?

Check it out .....

(note: I was not acting in this video)

(Nails: Essie - Mint Candy Apple - Click Here)

Update: Soooo apparently you are only supposed to put a teaspoon of the Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water and then drink it. Makes sense because taking the whole shot is nearly impossible : ) Don't do what I did.



Product Review: April (VIDEO)

Sunday, April 4, 2010
So many new products I've been trying and wanting to try so far this month.

Check it out!

Products mentioned in this video ....

Elizabeth Arden Intervene 3-in-1 primer

Elizabeth Arden Anti Fatigue Eye Cream

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Radiance Boosting Moisture Cream

Glamorous High Shine Lip Gloss

Cetaphil Facial Wash

Coconut Body Scrub

Tantalizing Lip Butter

Apple Cider Vinegar

Signature Collection Midnight Pomegranate Candle (hurry soon, 2 for $20)


Saturday, April 3, 2010
As some of you may know, I want to finally start decorating my bedroom (CLICK HERE). I've been lazy about it for several reasons but I'm starting piece by piece. Click HERE to see the other rooms I've decorated.

Right now my wall is plain and white, boring. I collect magazine covers and I came across this great idea that would make good use out of the magazines I've saved.

I got this issue of Italian Vogue's "All Black" Issue and loved the spread! I kept it for a while in a basket in my living room but I finally got the idea of framing the cover to put in my bedroom. I'm also a HUGE Natalie Portman fan (loved her since the movie 'The Professional'). I thought her spread in Interview Magazine was great so I saved that as well. In addition to these two covers, I plan on purchasing some vintage ones and even framing some really amazing shoots I've seen in different magazines as well. My goal is to arrange them on that boring white wall so they end up looking something like this ....

Frames are usually inexpensive, I picked up some from The rest is simple! Frame the cover and hang on your wall.

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