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March Product Alert

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
I am trying to do these beauty posts at least once a month, click here for past postings : )

1. I bought a new nail polish, Essie Mint Candy Apple #702. I love this color!
Unfortunately, I had trouble finding a store that sold it but luckily my favorite beauty supply store ordered it special for me : ) If you can't find this at a store near you, try ordering online just in time for Spring! PS: did you know the first day of Spring is March 20th! I can't wait!

Take One
Take Two

2. I read online on another blog about the Ardell Brow & Last Growth Accelerator Treatment. I was instantly curious. Though, I do have thick eyebrows and decent lashes - I was interested in extending my lashes. I've decided to use this product (eye lashes only, not my brows - they are thick enough) to see if it really works. So far, so good, it's been almost a week now, I still have my eyelashes ; ) so that's a good thing. A few friends joked that I may wake up "eyelash-less" but I'm here to say .. they are still in tact. I will keep you posted on this product. Rumor is you can see a difference as early as three weeks, exciting. I've heard some people say they noticed a drastic change and others not much at all. It probably depends on what kind of lashes you already have... we'll see! Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?

3. As some of you know, I started taking the GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil Vitamins. Today, I've decided to stop taking them after I read this article online and saw a segment on the Today Show.

According to the ABC article, "Fish oil supplements are constantly touted for their seemingly miraculous health benefits because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. But a new lawsuit contended that they may contain something else, too: PCB's, industrial chemicals that were banned in the 1970s because they caused cancer and birth defects."

Pause. Pump the breaks. I'm going to put these vitamins on hold until I learn more information. I don't see any reason for me to continue taking them at this moment. If you have decided to continue taking them just make sure you read as much information as you can before moving forward. For more information visit

Flax seed oil is an excellent alternative to fish oil, and is one of the richest natural food sources of the omega essential fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid. (credit)



22 comments on "March Product Alert"
  1. Great post. Id love to see your nail in that color...

  2. very cute pic! I had no idea about the fish oil vitamins. :S Thanks for this post!


  3. #1 i love the nail polish color!! i need that in my life ASAP!

    #2 i LOVE flax seed oil... i have it everyday in my morning smoothie!

  4. I had no idea about the fish oil thing! Eeek! Good to know! Thanks for the heads up!!!

  5. oh, wow, that color is to die for.

  6. I have that Essie color and love it so perfect for spring!

  7. lovely photos!! you look great!


  8. Intrigues bout the lash treatments cant wait to hear an update,
    nice to meet another goofy gal,

    Keep it up


  9. aww, you're gorgeous!

    love that essie color!


  10. Oh I so need this colour in my life.

  11. a good way to make your lashes look fuller and healthier is don't use mascara everyday, let them rest

  12. What a cute blog and an even cuter girl :)

    Love that nail color, gorgeous and I would have never thought...


  13. Oh you're so cute!!

    Loveeeee the nail colour. The mint/jade colour is really in this season huh!

  14. Hello gorgeous! I'm your new follower as well!

  15. Ah I love this color! It's been a winter staple for me, you can see me wearing it here. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!

    In Class, En Vogue

  16. LOVE how happy you look! The awesome nail color is a bonus!

  17. I love that nail color. I am def curious to see how that lash stuff works. Great blog girl, thanks for following me!!


  18. lovely pictures on your cam
    thank u to visiting our blog yesterday ;)

  19. hi there, thx alot for dropping by & for being my followers. really appreciate it. :)
    i adore your smile, and what a cute nail polish! aww! ;)

  20. I looove Mint Candy Apple, but have also had the most impossible time finding it. I will have to continue my search. And I've heard mixed feelings about fish oil, too. But flax is definitely an excellent alternative. xo

  21. so ironic that my friend and i just had a conversation abt this polish. i have to send her this post. it was part of the essie winter or holiday collection and i don't think it's available in stores in more. i told her to try ordering it online. i got it as a christmas gift and have yet to wear it b/c i am waiting for spring.

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i'm now following you as well!


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