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doing my party dance in ....

Monday, March 8, 2010
Let the countdown begin . .

I love throwing a Birthday party every year because I love event planning. I also enjoy the opportunity to have a great time with my friends, and to connect old friends with new ones! Every year I have anxiety that no one will show up but ... that's never the case. Planning the party though can be a bit of a headache. Even though it's still a month away. I still have a lot of stuff to do.

To Do List:
1. Find A Venue

When it comes to picking a venue, this can be very difficult. I live in NEW YORK a city with tons of lounges & clubs and bars, and cool places to throw an amazing birthday party. But ... the real deal is, when it comes to my Birthday I try to choose venues that are 1) affordable to friends (no cover) 2) not strict at the door (which is basically everywhere that's cool) so i don't get a bunch of "I can't get in" texts all night 3) has great music (I love hip hop) 4) great dance floor ( who doesn't love to dance? )

2. Invite People

Should I use Should I send out a blast email? Should I make a facebook invite? What's the best way to spread the word. When do i send it out? Should I send a save the date? oh so many questions! Some people like know far in advance, some people only need to know a week before the event. Either way- I have to somehow please both sides.

3. What do to with you hair?

I hated my hair last year for my Birthday. I was having a bad hair year in general. I went from dark to light and over time my hair got all funny and loss its pretty little way! but I'm happy to say that one year later we are fully recovered and back in action : ) So ... I need to start figuring out what I want to do. Up or maybe down or maybe half up or half down! who knows ...

What I do know!

What I'm wearing! Yes, I have my dress. I've had this dress since December and I've been dying to wear it. (sometimes I put it on in my apartment and walk around, I need to be careful in case I accidently spill something on it) I won't reveal it though until the day after my party ; ) so we'll keep it a secret for now. What I will say is a certain singer whose known for singing about Umbrella's wore a very similar dress not too long ago.

The date! Even though my Birthday is on the 29th - I've decided to have my Birthday party on a Saturday so it's a lot easier for people to attend and also for me to prepare.

I want to add something different! Last year it was food. I ordered delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Cheesecake Lollipops.

How was your Birthday this year? Did you have a party? Any advice or tips!
I'd love to hear from you! I look forward to keeping you posted on my party plans this year until the final BIG day and dress reveal!

If today is your Birthday, Happy Birthday to you! I hope it was amazing



36 comments on "doing my party dance in ...."
  1. What uppp Jonesy! (At least, I believe that's your name?? forgive me if I'm wrong haha) Thanks so much for passing by my blog and liking it. There's not much but I'm trying to step my blog "game" up haha. I also use Tumblr but not as much.

    I'll follow you, as well! You are absolutely gorgeous and seem to have an awesome personality =)

    - Justine

  2. good luck in planning ur party :3

  3. good luck with planning! i'm sure you'll make an amazing event happen :)
    btw those strawberries look soo delicious. craving them now :P

  4. Sounds like such a cool event!

    I suggest a Facebook invite, so then everyone can respond at their own pace and you might not know everyone's e-mail address, or they might not check it regularly. But who doesn't check Facebook?

  5. what!? 27? you dont look like 27 and that is a compliment! : D
    happy early b day and good luck with planning
    my bday is actually tomorro(?) yayy cant wait

    xoxo shannon

  6. woah 27 ?! you're sooo not 27 looking !
    and good luck with the birthday plans ! hopefully everything goes well !

    thanks much for the comments dear !
    visit - follow - comment me back at..
    glisters and blisters

  7. Your bday plans sound great. Good luck with planning ;)

  8. My party this year was amazing ! I really loved my night. Wish you the same ;)

  9. Aww wow you're so good at planning! I'm a terrible planner and so have hardly ever organised a decent birthday. You can come and organise my birthday any day ;-) or I'll come to New York. It's my dream to live there. Cute blog!

  10. Did I just see...CHEESECAKE LOLLIPOPS? OMG. Where have those been all my life?

  11. Sounds like so much fun!! Good luck with all your planningx

  12. Cheesecake Lollipops???!!! Where have those been all my life!! L-O-V-E!!

  13. Heyy. I've followed your blog too! :) You're gorgeous! And cheesecake lollipops sound SOOO yummy! :) Hope you have tons of fun planning your party; and on your special day as well! xx

  14. You're too cute! ..Hope it all works out! ...& umm cheesecake lollipops!?- on the floor #dead! ugh...i need that.

  15. Wow this sounds amazing! And don't get me started on those strawberries/cheesecakes, ohh my. My mouth is watering.

    Good luck and I hope you have an amazing birthday party :)
    I'm also a follower!

  16. I'm sorry it took so long for my to write you! Or maybe I did write you cause I was on your blog last week.
    Well, you have a great blog!
    Have a wonderful, joyous week!!

  17. ahh, exciting! you should definitely make a facebook invite, since the whole world uses facebook nowadays. also, a text to everyone about a week before would be good. but i'm sure you'll get it all figured out. hope it's a blast! :) p.s. thank you for following. your blog is way cute, i'll be following you back in about three seconds. :)

  18. OHH!! My birthday is on 22th October..
    You are going to be very beautiful with your dress and maybe in the hair you could do yourself a braid because it's a trend or something like that.
    I will say you Happy Birthday and I want a piece of cake haha

  19. I can't wait to see your dress! I bet it is fabulous!

    A tip my grandmother gave me, if it is a huge event, plan for about 1/3 of the guest to come. It has helped me with the big event I have planned. I hope it's amazing! What am I saying? Of course it will be.

    P.S. I wanted to tell you there is a SURPRISE for you on my Blog in my last post. I hope you accept! You deserve it!


  20. Sounds like a great party :) I love my birthday as well! I turn 27 on Thursday (eek!) so this is one of my favorite weeks :)

  21. email is the best way...when you mail out invites some get lost in the mail and everyone is telling you that they didnt get it. do it more than one way JUST IN CASE!!!

  22. yum!!!! are those choco dipped strawberries?

  23. happy (early) bday! thanks for stopping by! your blog is presh. you are gorgeous! have a great wednesday, hun!

  24. the food looks good! and you look super cute!

    Thanks for the checking out my site.. ill def add you to my blogroll list!

  25. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love the idea of throwing birthday parties - mine is months away, but I'm definitely thinking of venues already. Can't wait to see the post from the birthday, and see the party dress.

  26. Love that you have a birthday countdown. =)

  27. Wow, you're very pretty! Love your earrings in the last photo. Good luck with your party!

  28. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment!
    I LOVE birthdays, but mine tends to fall at a really inconvenient time (during finals) -- but I especially love birthday dresses. They're just more special than regular dresses, no?
    xxoo Josie

  29. Just based on this post alone, I can tell that we would be friends! So glad to have a new followerer on my fledgling blog, you've got one too! i think i'm in for some fun reads with you :-)

  30. I just turned 27 March 1st! YAY! 27 is fab!!!

  31. how exciting ! i loveee birthdays, dont forget to pick up a fabulous birthday dress

    xx lue

  32. FUN!!!!! Strawberries look really good



  33. it was my birthday on the 4th and while i didnt have a party and had a 60+ people new years party... i love the planning of parties... so much fun!
    hope it all goes fabulously :)

  34. i think that whole "will anyone show up" is a normal anxiety, unless we share the same neuroses lol
    but people always do show up and party planning is so fun!
    hmm advice, i donno sounds like you have it covered. i love flowers, especially combining flowers into the food deco--thats always my wow-factor. but depends on the location & vibe too. hope your bday is great!


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