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The Birthday Update

Sunday, March 28, 2010
Happy Birthday to me in a month!

As you know I've been planning my Birthday party for a while now and .....
I think we may be getting close to finding a venue! A lot of places in New York are either closed down (due to the economy), too big of a club, too selective at the door to invite a lot of friends, have a crazy cover charge, or play womp womp music. This process has taken me a while but I checked out a venue last Friday that I LOVED and I'm just waiting for the Manager to confirm that it's available. It's beautiful. It's a private room on the second floor of this New York boutique hotel. Fingers crossed! We've almost got everything off the check list. The invites (via facebook and word of mouth) have been out and all we have to hope is that it works out with zero drama, hehehe.

Hair Concept

I love Aaliyah. If you couldn't already tell ... I adore her.
I already wear my hair a lot like her straight hairstyle.

I love her style, I love her music! This is one of my favorite looks from her. I love the wavy style of this hair do, I don't like tight tight curls so this wavy look is what i'm going for the night of my Birthday. Let's hope my hair stylist can get this right. I usually wear my hair super straight but it will be nice to have some body to it to create a little drama.

Makeup Concept

I love this look by Makeup artist, Joy. Check out her blog HERE. This
is exactly what I want to do for my Birthday. A strong dramatic smokey eye and a really cute lip color.
Don't you just LOVE her eyebrows? Her skills are amazing. Hope she doesn't mind me stealing this photo
from her site to show you guys : )

Wardrobe ??

I will say ... it's a dress! but not revealing it just yet, you'll have to wait until the day after to find out.

23 comments on "The Birthday Update"
  1. I love that make-up. It's hot. And I can't wait for the dress!

    p.s. Be sure to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring GIVEAWAY at


  2. you work that makeup girl !
    loving it very much !
    great postttt !
    thank you for the comments in my blog ..
    visit - follow - comment me back at..
    glisters and blisters

  3. love the lips in the makeup concept :)

  4. yeah you should totally do the aaliyah hair.really love her too.:)

    advance happy birthday to you.and thanks for for your sweet comment on my blog.xx :)

  5. First of all I want to thank you for your lovely comment :D
    Your blog is great. Love this post. Can't wait for the dress ;)
    And you are gorgeous by the way! So beautiful! :)

    xx Emily

  6. i like your ideas allready!
    hope yoyu have a nice bday

    xoxo shannon

  7. All the best for the party! Have fun!

  8. Love the makeup gurrlie.. you shud def do this for your bday..
    I follow you check out my blog plz and twitter.

  9. thank you for your lovely comment!

  10. wish you the best for your party!
    and Aaliyah's hair styles are amazing!

  11. girl you are STUNNING
    and aaliyah had such fantastic hair

  12. i'm so with you on loving aaliyah, man i'm STILL upset that she's gone. I think i may have to check out your friend's make up blog for my bday style. even though i'm just having a bday dinner, no club set up, i still want to look HOT. three weeks and counting....

  13. Lovely make-up, I love it so much!! You look so pretty girl!

  14. hi! thanks for visiting my blog :-) you kinda look like her (Aaliyah) already...she's very pretty and so are you :-)

  15. I love Aaliyah too.. & especially that gold top she's wearing :)

    Love the bright pink lipstick & the smokey eyes, perfect choice!


  16. I love Aaliyah too..Its just so sad she die so young..U look gorgeous darling..


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