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Beauty Q&A with Kimmy

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Happy Sunday!!!

Today was a beautiful day in New York. The sun was shinning : ) I can't wait for spring. Spring brings out new colors, lighter weightless makeup, cute clothes: tank tops, spring dresses, hot sandals, outdoor strolls, endless amounts of changes that am looking forward to. Anyway ...

On The- Bliss List, I give you all suggestions on products that I use but the truth is... most of the time I find out about the product through my friend Kimmy. Kimmy is the first person I go to when I ask "Where can I find this beauty product called ..." or "Have you tried ...." or "your teeth are so white! what do you brush with?" lol seriously

Now it's your turn ....

I'm adding this new post called 'Beauty Q&A with Kimmy" where my followers can ask any and every question they have. Whether it's new products, trends for spring, skin care, dental care, etc. Kimmy knows best! Ask away by putting your questions in my comment box and look out for Kim's video response to answer your question personally! The video will be posted here in a week!

2 comments on "Beauty Q&A with Kimmy"
  1. I loved the earrings and your haircut!

  2. i am seeing many beauty bloggers/youtube makeup artists usung the MILK eye pencil from NYX, are there other alternatives to this pencil as well?


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