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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love everything about my apartment except for my bedroom. I took so much time into decorating my living room, dining room and kitchen that I slacked on a very key area. You can find pictures of my apartment by clicking here. Now I am finally ready to start designing it. I've been looking at different rooms online for inspiration and here are my top two choices. Funny thing is ... they are both very different.

Which bedroom should I choose?

Bedroom #1.

I would describe the bedroom above as warm. I love the big ottoman in the front that doubles as storage. I love the clean airy feel of this room. It's very similar to the rest of my apartment. I love white! White furniture is so hard to have because you have to constantly be careful but I love how clean and modern and classy it is. Storage is one of my biggest problems. I also love the colors in this room. Though I am not sold on painting my wall, I'd still attempt this look by incorporating the color in the furniture. I love the lantern above the bed but I will admit paper lanterns do make me nervous ( I get that from my Mom). The painting on the side is really cute. The yellow and blue pop on the wall and blend in perfectly with the setting of this room.

Bedroom #2.

I love how sophisticated and classy this room looks. It's very chic. I will admit it does not go with the rest of my apartment, I don't think that's a bad thing. It would be nice to step into a room that takes me somewhere else away from where I spend the majority of my time. I love the fur throw (I'd get faux fur). Again, similar to the other photo I love the ottoman in the front of the bed. I'm loving the end table where I can put my alarm clock, a book and a glass of water. The rug right by the bed is also very cute. I love black as much as I love white! I love the splash of color in the small pillows.

Looks like I have a tough decision to make.

Here are some things I really want/have to figure out:
have some sort of seating area - consider an ottoman
figure out if I want a desk or not (probably not)
Paint (..i probably won't)
to rug or not to rug - I like the idea of the rug beside the bed
introduce art! writings on the wall, my own paintings, photographs etc
project window - I need some fab curtains
accessories/ organization - need more storage and better organization for accessories
lighting - side lamp? change the light above the bed?
pillows - prints? colors? black and white?

In a few weeks I plan on making a trip to some of my favorite stores! CB2, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Crate & Barrel and IKEA!!! You'll be joining me on my shopping adventures as I design my bedroom.

My biggest issue right now is MONEY! The number one reason I haven't decorated my bedroom is because of money. I do live in New York and it's not cheap. Though, I am learning a lot of cool tricks and decorating ideas that are affordable, and I will share those with you in a future posting. Stay tuned!

cha ching!
11 comments on "MakeRoom"
  1. I love bedroom one, would love that lantern in my room :)

  2. I love your apartment, its so white and clean/chic. Is it hard to maintain it and keep it looking so clean? I think the 2nd room is more of a contrast to the rest of your house, like its so dark and your house is so white. It would be a really nice place for you to relax. But the 1st one is really nice too...its hard to choose. But personally I like my room to be the opposite from the rest of my house, and bedroom is my sanctuary!

  3. #2 is my fav! Good luck with everything! xo T


  4. Hey sweetie why don't you mix the things you like in both bedrooms, for example if you like a big ottoman in front of the bed, try to find something like the ottoman in the first pic, and if you like a big fluffy rug try to find something similar than the brown rug on the second pic.

    Also I know how tight the budget can be, (believe me, I am still trying to decorate my house...) Anyway, have you ever seen lakeside's stuff? ( or abc distribuiting, sometimes you can find really cheap and cute stuff over there, maybe you should check it out.

    I love your sense of style.
    Hope you find cute things pretty soon.

  5. I actually love pieces from both, but I think bedroom #2 is my fave-good luck!

  6. i like your style of thinking

  7. I like bedroom one better. It is so warm and inviting and thats what I think a bedroom needs to be. Maybe throw in a fur carpet into it to put a little of the 2nd room in it. I would like to see pics of the rest of your apt!


  8. Thanks for sharing your ideas : ) really appreciate it. Thanks for the website suggestions also. I'm going to check them out!!! I can't wait to post pics and sleep in my new bedroom.

  9. I think if you made the paint nuetral they're not too terribly different, and use the same basic bed frame. I love them both, but I would probably do an upholstered headboard, and the lovely (faux of course) fur, with the crisp white bedding, and some colorful touches (like in room 1) to brighten those rainy days. cute blog :-)

  10. Number one is a go-go!!
    So pretty, and comfortable.
    sweet blog


  11. Loving the bedrooms.. Very stylish!! I looket your blog, and its cute! So im now a follower.. Come check mine out too :)



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