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Wednesday, February 17, 2010
So excited! I just reached my first 100 followers : ) so happy that each of you check in and see what lil ol' me is up to. Really appreciate it and all the wonderful comments! Now let's get back to business ...

11 things you should know right now:
1. My cute two year old cousin Jadyn scored a meeting with Ford Models (YAY!) thanks to me *patself on back*
I am taking him next week to the offices in New York. I can't wait to see him and take him there. I've been trying to do this with him since he was a baby and it's finally happening. Wish us luck : )
I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, upload them next week and let you know how the meeting went.
2. I haven't started taking those fish oil vitamins yet. I know I said i would a long time ago but for some reason I haven't started. I PROMISE to start tomorrow and let you know if i notice any changes by next month
3. My friend Ariel just told me about these deep fried cupcakes, ever heard of them? Click here. We may attempt to make them and blog though ... i don't think i'll eat too much of it, i feel sick thinking about it.
4. hmm what else. My friends, Nikki, Ariel and I have launched our own event planning company. Our first event is next Tuesday! I am excited yet very nervous. We still don't have a name for our company yet. Thinking ...wondering...pondering .. thinking but nothing is popping up. Anyway, I am in search of a nice outfit! This weekend i think i'll stop by Top Shop.
5. I bought this brand called Garden Lites. They sell this product called "Butternut Squash Souffle"
Ever tried it? Well I plan on trying it Saturday so I will do a review that day. I hope it's not gross.
6. I am currently watching 'My Life As Liz' on MTV. This show is actually oddly entertaining to me, i like it.
7. ... oh while watching My Life As Liz' I heard this song and I'm going to add it to my ipod. Lyrics . Check out the live version. Listen to the song here. It's really cool that MTV adds music in between commercials and these reality shows because thats how I've found a lot of my music. I heard it on some show and I decided to google and listen again.
8. I'm running out of stuff to share .. that's kind of bad. I guess I have nothing more to say. Hope you had a nice day!

People I mentioned in this post
(i'am a visual person)

Jonesy & Ariel

Jonesy &Ariel & Nikki
(also know as ... insert company name when we come up with one)

17 comments on "Lucky 100"
  1. congrats with the 100 followers! :)
    thanks for the comments in my blog!
    I'm following ur blog :)

  2. congratulations!:)
    heyy you're so sweet, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I really apreciated if you follow me!
    Obviously I want to add you to my favourites! it's that ok for you?
    xxx darlingg!:)

  3. Your son is beautiful! I can see why he scored a meeting!!! Any tips you can throw my way for how you get your child started in modeling let me know. I am in the Orlando area. Thanks for your sweet comment today! I would love to follow your blog as well. We seem to have a lot in common!!!!

  4. ah he is the cutest wee thing!
    great post!

  5. congrats ^^

    im having a give away with some makeup and handmade things for grabs ^^ hope u can join :3

  6. wow your cousin looks beautiful!!

  7. YAY for getting 100 followers! That's fab!! :) Thanks again for coming to visit my blog!! Have an awesome weekend.

  8. Congrats on the 100 followers!
    Good luck with Jadyn. He's adorable :)

  9. Thanks fir stopping by my're too cute:)and so is your blog. Your lil cousin is a cutie pie, good luck on the meeting with Ford..poking around your blog and saw the post on Jean Paul doing a collection for Target..I can't wait!

  10. Thanks for the comments and Jadyn comments : ) I will keep you posted!
    (fingers crossed)


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