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gotCHA! on Video

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I went to Vegas in 2009 for my friend Kim's Birthday (check out her blog here). We had a blast! When I returned a week or so later I found a video posted of me on facebook. I was secretly video taped by my friend.

Check it out!

Special shout out to my friend Reems who filmed the whole thing
I'll get her back someday ; )
8 comments on "gotCHA! on Video"
  1. Very cute vid! THanks for the shoutout :o)

  2. U girls had fun... Thanks for the comment hon

  3. yup it's official, i'm a follower now. your blog is nothing short of adorable! love the vid clip btw ;)

  4. lol!

  5. hi Jonesy, sorry for the very late reply.
    that's a very cute video! how fun it is being secretly videotapped by a friend. i wish i could experience it too ;) i wonder how would i feel. haha.

    both you and your friend are very gorgeous!! i really like the bright outfits and the "classic" feel of the photograph, too.


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