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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Due to a really bad storm my friend Khendra had to cancel her birthday party. My friends and I always celebrate Birthdays together. Flash forward months later, my friends and I decided to throw Khendra a surprise Birthday party held in my apartment. Each of us were in charge of a dish and I also helped to set up the decorations.

Check out this YUMMY Avocado Grape Tomato Salad with shrimp
Chopped grape tomatoes mixed with chopped onion. I have very sensitive eyes and I HATE cutting onion. I really need to invest in this, click here
add cilantro, avocado and shrimp with a bit of salt to taste
for a dressing I added extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice
I love printed skirts
salad, mac n cheese, curry chicken w/ coconut rice
Happy Birthday Khendra
Vanilla Cake

I love my friends!

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