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Smile with your eyes

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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11 things you should know right now:
1. Tomorrow is Friday. Nuff' said : )
2. My mom found this dress for me from Europe and it's lovely (future pic to come)
3. This weekend I am finally purchasing tools to start painting
4. I get to tell a friend a secret on Monday and I've been holding it in for weeks!
(Updated: Check this out)
5. I struggle to blog every day but I'm going to keep doing it because it's fun
6. I didn't work out today and I feel kind of feel guilty about it ....
7. I bought a cute dress for Valentines Day but I don't have any plans
8. I'm hungry but I'm so picky I probably won't end up figuring out what to eat
9. I need to finish my screenplay. I need to finish my screenplay.
10. I'm curious who checks my blog and I hope they enjoy it
11. I donated money today to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti and I think you should too

1 comment on "Smile with your eyes"
  1. Thats awesome that you donated money, Im gonna be honest I didnt but now I am Ima send a text message!


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