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Q n A with J

Friday, January 29, 2010

1. Where are you from? Boston and my second home is Martha's Vineyard.

2. Where do you live now? New York.

3. Why did you start a blog? I take a lot of pictures, I have random stuff to share, i thought hmm why not.

4. Flaw? I can admit I'm picky. Especially about food ... just a lot of stuff I don't care to eat. I rather eat breakfast over dinner. I rather eat an appetizer over most main meals. I'd skip the Thanksgiving, especially the turkey and just stick to the family time and football.

5. What is important to you? My family. We're so weird. For Christmas we go on cruises, and we celebrated Thanksgiving a day late this year. We don't do traditional very well.

6. Something you love to do? Travel. Love it!

10 randomQuestions

1. Where did the nickname Jonesy come from? My co-worker Adonis started calling me Jonesy (Jones-Z) because my last name is Jones. It's really the first time someone gave me a nickname (other than my mom). So yea, Adonis started calling me Jonesy and then basically it started a chain reaction. Everyone started calling me it and it stuck! Other nicknames include: Shan, Shannie, Shanster, Shanwich, Shannon Dora The Explorer, and of course my moms embarrassing nickname which we will keep on the hush hush.

2. What's in your bag right now? First off, I love bags. I have lots of bags! Mostly all big because I love big bags so I can lug around a lot of unnecessary stuff. I always carry around a mini umbrella. Weird? Whatever. I never get caught in a surprise rain storm. A comb, always have to make sure my hair isn't looking crazy because I love hats. I wear hats a lot. Yea, I put hats in my bag too most days. Hmm, my Blackberry. Wallet of course. Lip balm. Keys. Giant water bottle (I said I have a big bag lol). Netflix that I've been meaning to mail. A random menu from a new local restaurant I probably will never order from. ipod, of course. A calendar book I never write in. Sugar free gum.

3. One day you will ... ? Finish my screenplay. I wrote it in 2005 and never went back ... I've had writers block for years. I just haven't been inspired lately. You can't force it because it won't come out right. The time will come and I'll find the desire to complete it and when I do I'm confident it will be great. Ha, kind of sounds like dating right? One day the right person comes along. You can't go looking for it, you can't force it, when it's right its right.

And think not you can
Direct the course of love,
For love,
If it finds you worthy,
Directs your course.

4. What do people get wrong about you? The most common mistake one can make is assume things purely on ones appearance. What's that saying "don't judge a book by it's cover?" yea .. don't do that. If you have questions just ask but never assume.

5. Sleeping habits? I am a peaceful sleeper. A bit of an insomniac, I never go to bed early and I don't sleep in. Not because I don't want to but because I just physically can't. My mind and body won't let me. I can easily operate on very little sleep. On the weekends I'm usually up by 830AM. I like it that way because I have the entire day to enjoy, why sleep a whole day away? For the record, I don't snore.

6. Fears? Heights. I can get on an airplane but I will never jump off a bridge or sky drive. I won't go to Six Flags which makes me sound like a total bore ( I promise I'm fun ) but no matter what I can't help the sick feeling I get when I think about being upside down on a roller coaster. Many have tried to help cure me and many have failed as well. It's not happening.

7. What's your clothing style and one tip for the fashionable challenged? I like comfort. If you are not confident in what you wear then your not comfortable and it will show. I love to wear dresses! I like black. I do think everyone should introduce color into their wardrobe but don't be ashamed to admit you love wearing black, I'm not. My favorite store is H&M. They have a variety of sections to suit everyones style. I enjoy shopping online from random places that have items you can't find in stores. If you are fashionable challenged, walk into a store and just copy the manikin, can't go wrong because they are usually dressed very well.

8. What game best describes you? a puzzle. You can't figure me out until you have all of the pieces. It may take a while to put the puzzle together. I'm one of those puzzles with a lot of pieces because I don't really like to reveal everything about myself right away. I guess you could say I enjoy being mysterious? You'd think someone who has a blog wouldn't describe themselves as private but I am. I only reveal what I want to and I am conscious about the things I share with people.

9. Colts vs. Saints? neither. Ha, I'm a huge Patriots fan but.... if I must, I will go with the Saints. This is going to be a really great game! I can't wait to spend it with my mom in New York.

10. The Jock, The Nerd, The Class Clown? I'd like a combo of three please. I like the creative type, the alternative thinker, the out of the box personality. Someone who enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating yet doesn't mind breaking the rules every now and then. Someone who can hold an intellectual conversion, teach me something new, enjoy exploring a new museum or attending an art opening. Also someone who isn't so self consumed. Some times you need to relax and not be so serious all of the time. A bonus is someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do.

Just a little something about me : ) Hope you enjoyed!
If you have more questions feel free to ask.
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  1. I'm so excited that we are finally getting a H&M here in the next month or so. I love their clothes, but had to resort to ordering off of ebay in order to find them. It's never the same as when you can shop in person.

  2. hey love! I absolutely love your blog!! I love posting up my outfits as well :)

  3. you are such a beautiful person inside and out!!!!
    love to know a little bit about you! =)

  4. Hey chica!!

    Thank you for following


  5. love the blog, you're simply gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by Mixed girl Mixed truth



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