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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Men are like mascara, they run at the slightest display of emotion"
(a lil joke)

I don't really like brown mascara so I usually stick to black, actually it's called 'Blackest Black.' I wanted to try something NEW and my friend Kimmy (Click here to: check out her blog) suggested BLUE. I must say I love it! It's fun, flirty, and eye popping. Plus my favorite color is blue.

Let's zoom in up close and personal shall we?

Here are a few of my favorite makeup products:

2. Cheeks: Sweet as Cocoa by Mac Blush
3. Eyelashes: DiorShow in Azure Blue Mascara
4. Lips: Clear Lip Gloss
5. Eyes: Black Eyeliner
5. Eyebrows (Wax vs. Thread): Thread, Thread Salon NYC

P.S ... I went to Zara and picked up this really cute top and these white pants

So I told my mom i found these great WHITE pants and she had a strong reaction to it.

This is exactly how our conversation went down.

Jonesy: I got these great white pants on Sale at Zara woop woop!
Mom: No white until Memorial Day!! It's the rule
(PS: I never said I was going to wear them now)
Jonesy: Where did that rule come from anyway?
Mom: offically beginning Memorial Day... white is on again

So after a few minutes I realized my mom has no clue where this rule came from. Like many of us, we heard it, followed it and honored it. Though, isn't it important to find out where these "rules" come from?" Let's explore.

So why aren't we supposed to wear white after Labor Day? Check out this great story on

So what do you think about the rule?

10 comments on "About Face"
  1. those are intense blue!! but they look amazing on you

  2. The blue mascara looks very good on you, I've never tried blue, I always go with black mascara!

  3. The blue is nice. I'm happy you LOVE it! The worst thing is to recommend something to someone and they end up hating it. Try just applying it to the very ends of the lashes to make it pop and a little more subtle.

    Love whites pants too. You know that b/c I own many pairs. THose are cute!

  4. The blue looks very nice on you Shannon.I just staretd using Makeup Forever and I love it already ;-)

  5. hahaha that's totally something that my mom would say to me, although she wouldn't be sure where it came from. i love the white! i recently wore some new white jeans and loved it.

    thanks for the makeup tips!

  6. I want to ask? how to buy a product if I were in Indonesia


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