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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Grammy Awards are tonight and I am going to be watching at a friends Grammy party. I love music! Here are the top 10 most played songs on my ipod.


1. Alicia Keys 'Un-Thinkable'
2.. Lykke Li 'Tonight'
3. Sade 'Soldier of Love'
4. Wale feat. Lady Gaga 'Chillin'
5. Rihanna 'Clear The Road'
6. Maxwell 'Stop The World'
7. Mario 'Stranded'
8. Kesha 'Hangover'
9. Lykke Li 'Let it Fall'
10. Christina Aguilera 'Lift Me Up'
Bonus: Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

Website Alert: Say Yes! To This Style

I found a while ago on another blog and loved it! The site features such cute clothes I never see in the city. According to their website, YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of lifestyle and fashion products from Asia through their website Every season, YesStyle brings customers the latest trends along with thousands of fashion items from designers across Asia. now represents the best platform for designers in Asia to connect with customers worldwide.

The plus side to buying clothes from this site is that the clothing items are unique and you will have clothes that probably no one else has seen yet. When you shop at H&M, you can pretty much always see someone on the subway who has the same item as you.

The downside is shipping costs. If you are going to buy something, buy a lot of something, that way you can either get a discount on shipping if you go over a certain amount, or you can pay for shipping costs one time and walk away with a lot of items. This site offers some great shipping deals. Be careful about sizes. If you have weird body proportions you may want to shy away from buying online. I am usually good at figuring out what size I am and I rarely return anything. Make sure you check and read the size charts carefully. Check out the site here!

Here are a few outfits from the site I'd most definitely purchase

Here is the skin(ny) ....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The secret to great skin is not only just about drinking lots of water. You should do a lot more to make sure you have healthy, glowing, blemish free skin. Here are some tips and tricks I've learned during my battle with skin care.

Cut the junk, just say no to chips, soda and candy. Nutrition is the key to healthy skin. Eat lots of fresh foods such as fruits and veggies. You can purchase all the lotions, potions and creams in the world but nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. Fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are excellent for the skin. When I was younger or even in college I ate a lot of junk food. Fried food as well, chicken fingers mmmm. My mom would always have homemade cookies waiting for me when I got home. In college, I lived on Wheat Thins! The occasional snack is okay but constantly eating these type of snacks and foods are no bueno. It's much better to snack on fresh fruits, carrots, nuts and veggies. Instead of fried try grilled or baked. Instead of white go for brown. I noticed a drastic change when I decided to limit bad snacks out of my diet. Not only did I lose weight but my skin looked so much better.

Your too blessed to have stress, harder said than done, trust me I know. I had a VERY stressful 2009. I made a personal vow not to stress out like I did then because I noticed it was affecting my skin and diet. When I'm stressed I love to eat, I get lazy, I make decision without thinking. Stress can cause blemishes ( at least for me ) and hair loss. I've experience both and they are no fun. I am happy to say that with no stress my hair is doing great (check out my hair post) and my skin as well. Blogging has really helped to take away a lot of stress too. It gives me something alternative to think about and do. Working out helps to get rid of stress (try P90X) and helps maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Just like mom said, wash your face! Seriously. We've all done it. You come back from a party, it's late. You don't feel like washing your face or getting into your PJs sometimes. You lay down in your bed and wake up with a sweaty, dirty, oily face. No matter if you wear makeup or not, it's always best to make sure you wash your face. When you live in a city like New York you can't help but walk into a cloud of pollution every day. Just imagine all of the nasty things that fill the air sticking on your, now combine that with the makeup you slap on. Now imagine what that can do to your skin. I always make sure to wash my face in the morning and a night. Here are the products I enjoy using.

Cetaphil cleanses moisturize and remove dirt without stripping away the natural oils that can keep your skin healthy. This cleanser was recommended to me by my Dermatologist. Although I don't have skin problems now I do occasional still see a Dermatologist to find out ways in which I can keep my skin healthy and clear. Each time I go I learn more and more about how to maintain healthy skin care.

Clean & Clear deep action exfoliating scrub. It's important to wash your face and also important to occasionally use an exfoliating scrub. I don't suggest using this product as your every day cleanser but you should use this occasionally. Cleaners like this one help to get deep down into the pores.

Neutrogena Energy Renewal Hydrating Night Cream. I stole this from my mom the last time i went to Boston. After I wash my face, and slap a little of this own - it feels really good! If you read my Q&A, you read about my sleeping habits. I am a bit of an insomniac. I don't really get enough sleep (which is something you should also do for healthy skin). This product contains Carmitine, which is a nutrient that helps make your skin energized. This cream feels weightless and absorbs quickly into your skin to help keep its moisture. The product will leave the skin softer, smoother and energized - which is perfect for me since I don't get much sleep.

So these are all the tips I have for now. I'll share more in a future post and include some healthy recipes for great skin. Remember, I am not a doctor but these are just a few things I've tried over the last few years to keep my skin healthy and glowing.

Q n A with J

Friday, January 29, 2010

1. Where are you from? Boston and my second home is Martha's Vineyard.

2. Where do you live now? New York.

3. Why did you start a blog? I take a lot of pictures, I have random stuff to share, i thought hmm why not.

4. Flaw? I can admit I'm picky. Especially about food ... just a lot of stuff I don't care to eat. I rather eat breakfast over dinner. I rather eat an appetizer over most main meals. I'd skip the Thanksgiving, especially the turkey and just stick to the family time and football.

5. What is important to you? My family. We're so weird. For Christmas we go on cruises, and we celebrated Thanksgiving a day late this year. We don't do traditional very well.

6. Something you love to do? Travel. Love it!

10 randomQuestions

1. Where did the nickname Jonesy come from? My co-worker Adonis started calling me Jonesy (Jones-Z) because my last name is Jones. It's really the first time someone gave me a nickname (other than my mom). So yea, Adonis started calling me Jonesy and then basically it started a chain reaction. Everyone started calling me it and it stuck! Other nicknames include: Shan, Shannie, Shanster, Shanwich, Shannon Dora The Explorer, and of course my moms embarrassing nickname which we will keep on the hush hush.

2. What's in your bag right now? First off, I love bags. I have lots of bags! Mostly all big because I love big bags so I can lug around a lot of unnecessary stuff. I always carry around a mini umbrella. Weird? Whatever. I never get caught in a surprise rain storm. A comb, always have to make sure my hair isn't looking crazy because I love hats. I wear hats a lot. Yea, I put hats in my bag too most days. Hmm, my Blackberry. Wallet of course. Lip balm. Keys. Giant water bottle (I said I have a big bag lol). Netflix that I've been meaning to mail. A random menu from a new local restaurant I probably will never order from. ipod, of course. A calendar book I never write in. Sugar free gum.

3. One day you will ... ? Finish my screenplay. I wrote it in 2005 and never went back ... I've had writers block for years. I just haven't been inspired lately. You can't force it because it won't come out right. The time will come and I'll find the desire to complete it and when I do I'm confident it will be great. Ha, kind of sounds like dating right? One day the right person comes along. You can't go looking for it, you can't force it, when it's right its right.

And think not you can
Direct the course of love,
For love,
If it finds you worthy,
Directs your course.

4. What do people get wrong about you? The most common mistake one can make is assume things purely on ones appearance. What's that saying "don't judge a book by it's cover?" yea .. don't do that. If you have questions just ask but never assume.

5. Sleeping habits? I am a peaceful sleeper. A bit of an insomniac, I never go to bed early and I don't sleep in. Not because I don't want to but because I just physically can't. My mind and body won't let me. I can easily operate on very little sleep. On the weekends I'm usually up by 830AM. I like it that way because I have the entire day to enjoy, why sleep a whole day away? For the record, I don't snore.

6. Fears? Heights. I can get on an airplane but I will never jump off a bridge or sky drive. I won't go to Six Flags which makes me sound like a total bore ( I promise I'm fun ) but no matter what I can't help the sick feeling I get when I think about being upside down on a roller coaster. Many have tried to help cure me and many have failed as well. It's not happening.

7. What's your clothing style and one tip for the fashionable challenged? I like comfort. If you are not confident in what you wear then your not comfortable and it will show. I love to wear dresses! I like black. I do think everyone should introduce color into their wardrobe but don't be ashamed to admit you love wearing black, I'm not. My favorite store is H&M. They have a variety of sections to suit everyones style. I enjoy shopping online from random places that have items you can't find in stores. If you are fashionable challenged, walk into a store and just copy the manikin, can't go wrong because they are usually dressed very well.

8. What game best describes you? a puzzle. You can't figure me out until you have all of the pieces. It may take a while to put the puzzle together. I'm one of those puzzles with a lot of pieces because I don't really like to reveal everything about myself right away. I guess you could say I enjoy being mysterious? You'd think someone who has a blog wouldn't describe themselves as private but I am. I only reveal what I want to and I am conscious about the things I share with people.

9. Colts vs. Saints? neither. Ha, I'm a huge Patriots fan but.... if I must, I will go with the Saints. This is going to be a really great game! I can't wait to spend it with my mom in New York.

10. The Jock, The Nerd, The Class Clown? I'd like a combo of three please. I like the creative type, the alternative thinker, the out of the box personality. Someone who enjoys physical fitness and healthy eating yet doesn't mind breaking the rules every now and then. Someone who can hold an intellectual conversion, teach me something new, enjoy exploring a new museum or attending an art opening. Also someone who isn't so self consumed. Some times you need to relax and not be so serious all of the time. A bonus is someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do.

Just a little something about me : ) Hope you enjoyed!
If you have more questions feel free to ask.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I came across this hot black ruffle dress Lauren London wore at the premiere of Cadillac Records, I knew what kind of look I wanted to pull together for my Birthday. I wanted to find a black ruffle dress, a cute color popping shoe, and lots of cute accessories. How did I do?

Had a blast!

Lorilorillitu Introduction


I call her Lori Lori. We met back in 07' and have been friends ever since. What I love most about Lori Lori (besides her great personality, humor, and drive - she's an amazing Director) is her style.She's an original.


1. Where are you from? I'm from Chicago! Been a resident of NY working on 11 years now.

2. Describe your personal style in 5 words. Cute and comfy with some sexiness? LOL!! I don't know......5 words is super hard!

3. Where do you find your clothes? For the past year I have been all over thrift / vintage stores around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Salvation Amy even. But I do what I consider the easy norm, H&M, Forever 21, Urban, lol, I think it's all about how you wear it.

4. Whose style do you dig? Mary Kate all day, everyday!! My closest friends know of my obsession. I think it's her size, we are both tiny! And just her choices and the way she rocks things, I love it. I like wearing big oversized coats or jackets or sweaters with really skinny jeans or leggings, tights even....I have left the house with a long shirt/sweater and pants at all!!! I also have these thoughts or wearing just one big bubble or big pumped up trash bag in the summer, sort of Missy like in the I Can't Stand The Rain!!

5. What is the one item you can't leave your house without? Clothing wise I'm not sure....hmmm... I really can't say I have one thing clothing wise, but as far as accessories, I love my owl and elephant rings, kind of stuck on those right now and earrings, even if only studs because my hair is short. Actually for a while I could not leave without my Aquaphor. Does that count? LOL!

Get Lori's Look

About Face

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Men are like mascara, they run at the slightest display of emotion"
(a lil joke)

I don't really like brown mascara so I usually stick to black, actually it's called 'Blackest Black.' I wanted to try something NEW and my friend Kimmy (Click here to: check out her blog) suggested BLUE. I must say I love it! It's fun, flirty, and eye popping. Plus my favorite color is blue.

Let's zoom in up close and personal shall we?

Here are a few of my favorite makeup products:

2. Cheeks: Sweet as Cocoa by Mac Blush
3. Eyelashes: DiorShow in Azure Blue Mascara
4. Lips: Clear Lip Gloss
5. Eyes: Black Eyeliner
5. Eyebrows (Wax vs. Thread): Thread, Thread Salon NYC

P.S ... I went to Zara and picked up this really cute top and these white pants

So I told my mom i found these great WHITE pants and she had a strong reaction to it.

This is exactly how our conversation went down.

Jonesy: I got these great white pants on Sale at Zara woop woop!
Mom: No white until Memorial Day!! It's the rule
(PS: I never said I was going to wear them now)
Jonesy: Where did that rule come from anyway?
Mom: offically beginning Memorial Day... white is on again

So after a few minutes I realized my mom has no clue where this rule came from. Like many of us, we heard it, followed it and honored it. Though, isn't it important to find out where these "rules" come from?" Let's explore.

So why aren't we supposed to wear white after Labor Day? Check out this great story on

So what do you think about the rule?

not your every day taco

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You know something is wrong when you tell everyone you are cooking and the overall reaction is "You're cooking?" *sigh*
(T-shirt, H&M; Vest, American Apparel, Mascara; Dior)

I said I would start to cook more in the new year, here goes nothing ....

Shrimp Tacos with Rice

Shopping List:
Shredded Lettuce
Salsa (I like spicy)
Guacamole ( l like organic)
Cheese ( I like a combo of cheeses)
Taco Seasoning
Shrimp (2-3 shrimp per tortilla)
Rice ( I like Uncle Ben's minute rice)

Football + Tacos + Wine = Heaven. This dish was easy to make and yummy!

The Boyfriend

"Women have been secretly raiding their boyfriends' and husbands' closets for ages now. Finally, fashion has caught on"

The must have item this season is the boyfriend blazer. They come in all types of ways: short, long, rolled up sleeve, rolled down sleeve, silk, cotton, velvet, etc, etc, etc. You can also wear them with a variety of things: skirts, jeans, and dresses. Your basic black will go with almost anything but don't be afraid to try color ones as well.

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