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Summer Flashback

Sunday, December 20, 2009
"Gone are the birds that were our summer guests." -Longfellow

Since I started this blog in December I was unable to highlight my different looks and clothes this Spring/Summer. Tried a new hair style (got bangs), introduced color into my wardrobe, and had some amazing fun in the sun!

Check out my Summer look book:
( i love hats and I love simple)

( dress; H&M)
( corset; H&M, jeans; express)
( earrings; H&M)

(DiorShow masacara in azure blue)
( blue sweater; Forever 21, jeans; Zara)
(hat found in the east village; shorts; H&M, backpack; Gucci)
(dress; Aqua)

(dress; H&M, flats; Old Navy)

(dress; H&M)

(earrings; H&M)

(jeans; Express, bracelet; Tiffany's)
(earrings; street vendor in Soho, lipgloss; Mac )
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